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Scott Johnson

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I'm Back!

Yes, my DSL is now fully functional again. The final problem was very simple -- instead of just using my bare user name, or username.ppp, as I vaguely recalled I should, it turned out I needed to log in as username.dsl . Simple as that.

Now to indulge in massive net sufing gluttony, and consider Comcast. :-)

(And feed Mickey and Samantha in a bit. Mickey's meowing quite a bit, which is normal, but what the hey.)

I did miss out on going to the comic shop, both to have access to technical help before it closed if I needed to, and to sign up (on a whim) for the Worlds of Warcraft beta. Probably won't get in, and I'm not huge on MMORPGs anyway, but what the heck -- it grabbed my imagination momentarily. Time enough for comics eventually.

In any case. Glad to be back!
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