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24 Hours

I have decided to do something that may well be extremely silly.

I was browsing through Scott McCloud's website (home to the creator of, among other things, Understanding Comics and Reinventing Comics), and happened to take a look at the 24-Hour Comic page. Essentially, it challenges a comic writer or artist to create a 24-page comic in 24 hours -- a rather fast pace.

I am a bit of a writer, but not an artist at all (condotierre and olna_jenn's chicken-related delusions notwithstanding). Nevertheless, a little doodling convinced me that I could at least manage a vaguely interesting and not-quite-painful-to-look-at cartoony scene at random in the time allowed. So... I'm going to try it. Probably sometime from tomorrow afternoon to Sunday afternoon. If I can manage a page and a half an hour, then I'll even have enough time to sleep and do miscellaneous things like feed the cats and eat.

I don't know at all how this will turn out, but I definitely plan to scan it in and at least show it around to a few people. If I judge it to be somewhere short of mortally embarassing, I may even link it here. We'll see.

Probably going to drop by Wet Paint and the Source tomorrow to pick up some last minute supplies, and then go to work. If I have time, I may even post progress reports here, though Pillowfort's probably out until I'm done.

It's an imposing project with a definite, immediate deadline. I actually seem to work fairly well under those conditions (no time to procrastinate, for one). So... here's to trying!
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