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Name That Tune

Second of three posts for today, and possibly the lightest and fluffiest. (If you don't care for more serious topics, skip my first one, below.) Warning: memeage, music.

1. All march together; everybody looks the same, so there is no one you can blame.

2. 'Hm, somewhat impressive. Now you've reached the Plateau, but not yet a hero! Are you ready to meet and defeat the Elite? Can I expect survival against your rival?'

3. It doesn't matter how sincere it is, nor how heartfelt the spirit. Sentiment will not endear it -- what's important is the price.

4. And my question to you is, how did this come to pass? How did this one life fall so far and fast?

5. Come and walk with me; come and walk one more mile.

6. Our music is rapturous. There'll be a riot over us!

7. When they look back and weigh everything he's done, they will realize...

8. I know our mythic history, King Arthur's and Sir Caradoc's; I answer hard acrostics; I've a pretty taste for paradox.

9. Hey hey, papa, I've been good. Now can I please have my food? (Now put these kids to sleep, will ya?)

10. no river, no country, no quarter, no... no planet...

11. These are the only ones of which the news has come to Harvard... And there may be many others, but they haven't been discovered.

12. All right! Believe in the fires of your heart. Be reborn, even stronger -- Digimental Up!

13. This could lead to excellence, or serious injury. Only one way to know: go, go, go.

14. It's in the blood, it's in the will. It's in the mighty hands of steel, when you're standing your ground.

15. Something unpleasant has spilled on his brain. As he sponges it off, they say...

16. Ieyui noboreno; Renmiri youjuyogo...

17. Media messiahs playing on my fears; pop culture prophets playing in my ears.

18. I have no such things as weak spots. Don't approve of him but gotta trust him. This alliance has a purpose. This partnership is only temporary.

19. And every single night he had a strange recurring dream where he was wearing lederhosen in a vat of sour cream -- but that's really not important to the story.

20. May we never sing of anything but love!

A few repititions of groups in there, and some that I'm sure nobody will get, but all in all, not a bad cross-section.
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