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Another Trip, and Thoughts on Current Events

Well, I'm off once again. This time to Maine, where the Evil Twin will meet me for a few days, and where I'll be celebrating my mom's birthday. Leaving just after noon today, and I'll be back late on Friday.

It's been a while since I did a decent political post, and I want to pass along a few links before I head out. So I'll preface them with a lj-cut and a bit of trivia, courtesy of infojunkies: True or false: Barring an economic miracle that would trigger the creation of more than two million jobs in the next eighteen months, George W. Bush will end this term as the first President since Jimmy Carter to oversee a net loss in employment.

False. He'll actually be the first president since Herbert Hoover to do so.

  • There was an interesting speech at a Librarians' convention on the topic of Librarianship as a Revolutionary Choice. Worth reading.

  • An article on the recent refusal of the Supreme Court to even hear the Jesus Castillo obscenity case. As the ruling now stands, you can be accused of corrupting minors for selling an adult-oriented comic to a consenting adult... Because everyone knows comics are for kids. Yes, that was the prosecutor's exact line of reasoning.

  • You know the blackout that knocked out most of the Northeast? Well, Greg Palast has a look at the root causes of it. He's not just some random schmoe pondering (unlike, say, me), but one of the best investigative reporters out there today. His book, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, is a rather sobering look at the state of the nation and world today.

  • A columnist who think it's time for a wake-up call to stop us sleepwalking into extinction... I can't say I disagree with him. I've felt similar for quite some time.

  • Think Florida's scandals in the 2000 election were bad? It gets worse...

  • A rather impassioned letter from a rather eloquent Canadian...

  • Conventional wisdom says that Dean is the only Democratic candidate that could win the upcoming election against Bush. Personally, I don't think that's true -- he's not nearly as progressive as he claims to be, and given the choice between a highly conservative Democrat and an unapologetic Republican, people will lean towards the one more truly representing his party even without the kind of scandals described above. I think Kucinich has a much better chance than anyone thinks -- especially if all those people saying, 'well, sure I'd like to vote for him, but I want to vote for the winner' actually did vote for him. If you want to evaluate for yourself, he's got a journal of his own on line...</a>
  • And finally, a rather grim look at how soldiers are often seen as equipment with an expiration date by the planners commanding them...

On a more personal note, I made a rather peculiar cheesecake for ohimesamamama and highdancer to thank for all their help lately, and Mars kindly transcribed the label for me. And then batyatoon came up with a clever addition I wish I'd thought of myself.

Anyway, I'll be off in just a few hours. See you all when I get back!
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